Not the Greatest Week Weight Wise

It all started Saturday the 22nd ……

We had a family trip planned to a tourist spot about and hour away from here. I was good and saved some of my weekly points allowance (WPA) with Weight Watchers (WW). I’d been there before and KNEW I wanted a cinnamon roll. I pack a healthy lunch, low points, all is good. I get my cinnamon roll, which I shared with my sisters. And then everything just seemed to go downhill from there for me. This week I’ve eaten cookies, ice cream, numerous hot dogs, haven’t eaten breakfast most days, did no exercise, used up all my WPA, and still overate. Not terrible on the scales though, when I did my weekly weigh in (WI) it showed a .6 weight gain. I feel terribly bloated and unhappy.

Everyday I start fresh, and by the end of the day am not doing to good, but I’m trying. I tell myself it’s trial and error for while, I’m still learning the program with WW and what works well for me. I didn’t make it this far the first time I did WW as I got pregnant, so I am more than happy with this! I’m happy to say that I have friends who also do WW and my family to support me in my weight loss lifestyle.

I am ecstatic at the weight I’ve lost so far and am determined to make it to my goal of 150 pounds. I’ve lost 33 pounds with WW and before that 7 on my own. That’s a total of 40 pounds for the year.

This weeks goals are:
1. I plan to get an exercise routine in place and start on it. I’m actually excited, I have 2 workouts I really love!

2. Get back on track and show some self control.

3. Get back to drinking more water.

Tomorrow is a new day and I know I can do it!


One thought on “Not the Greatest Week Weight Wise

  1. womandriver (because I am a woman and my last name is Driver) hee hee says:

    Some how I had missed this post. I have way been off the wagon since Aiden has been born and I have had insomnia. I am eating at all times of the night. My habit this week to attempt is to get back to my water drinking. I have a glass right now! 🙂

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