It’s All Psychological

I’ve come to realization that eating aside from when necessary, is all in our heads. It was 2 week in between my weigh in with Weight Watchers. During those 2 weeks I ate everything in sight, gave in to my cravings, and drank a bunch of soda. Surprisingly I still lost a tad (0.6 pounds, still a good thing in my book). But now I’ve been to my weigh in, my self control has returned (still fighting terrible cravings for Peanut Butter), and I feel better that I’m feel more in control again.

So this is how it went for me . . . .

No meeting, no control. I realized with an ‘ah ha’ moment that it was all in my head. I ALWAYS have control, no matter what. It’s whether I choose to exercise that control that is the issue. So, for anyone that says I have no control, just think about that again.


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