My First 50

I cannot be more thrilled at losing 50 pounds. I feel great. In all my weight loss efforts I’ve never made it this far. And it has been nearly 7 years since I’ve been at the weight I am now (212). 22 pounds more and that will put me at my weight when Darren & I got married (190). That makes me so happy. When I reach 190 I’m going to celebrate that milestone by getting myself a great new outfit!

My struggle right now is that sometimes I look in the mirror and still see me the way I was before I started back to Weight Watchers (WW). And then a friend or family member will tell that I look good or that they noticed I’m losing weight, and it helps me to realize I’m not the old me. But I still have that ‘fat’ mentality. Thinking about this, it’s a very emotional response. One I’m working on fixing. I truly believe that my emotional responses to my weight loss will affect me long term.

Ok, so as promised, here a side by side picture comparison.


I really hate both pictures, lol. But I like to see them side by side to see how I’m doing. I’d like to look back to this post later to remind me to keep up my efforts.

As you can see in the in picture on the right, I’m not the greatest housekeeper. I’m working on that too. 🙂

Next Blog Post: Recipe Review, Lazy Cabbage


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