Refried Beans

So I wanted to make burrito’s for dinner tonight, but we didn’t have any refried beans. I thought maybe I’d try my hand at making some from canned beans. I looked on the internet but most of the recipes I saw (despite my search for recipes using canned beans) starts with using dry beans. plus using alot of ingredients I didn’t have, or keep on hand for that matter. I just wanted something simple. I decided to try without a recipe. This should be interesting.

So I got a couple of cans of chili seasoned beans out of the pantry and put them in heated pan. Started mashing with a potato masher. Didn’t work too well. Then I tried a fork, that didn’t work well for me either. So I got my immersion blender out, that worked great! About a minute worth of working with the beans to get them to refried bean consistency. Gave them a try and they tasted great! The kid and hubby like it to. I would drain 1 can next time though, they were a bit runny.

All in all, it was a success, and I think I may use this method for refried beans from now on.

Happy Cooking


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