Baby Shower

Friday night was my baby shower. There was about 20 or so of my friends there, including a couple friends I don’t get to see too often. So it was nice to chat with them for a bit.

The theme was pink and black with splashes of zebra stripes. My sister got alot of cute things to decorate with and it turned out great!

My sister hadn’t planned any games. She didn’t really think we’d need them since it was an evening party for 7 pm. Plus, she never been a huge fan of playing games at parties, so figured it would be ok. Turns out we needed some. So my sister and mom thought quick, and came up with a couple games, and gave away unopened food as prizes. My mom was hilarious the whole night. My SIL bought most of the food, and it was delicious! She made her bean dip which is my favorite! I couldn’t eat much of it because of the GD, but I got to enjoy all of the foods there plus a small slice of cake without compremising my blood sugars. So I’m super happy about that.

It was super nice that a few bought gifts for Nathan too. He had fun opening them when I got home. He got a yo-yo, several books, a stuffed toy, and some coloring books with crayons.

Rebekah got alot of great things, plus a few things off of our gift registry. We had a few duplicates, so we returned those tonight, and got some other things that I wanted to get extra of, plus a playard/bassinet/changer combo. We’ve had our eye on getting one (hubby wanted it more than I did), and we found a small one that will work in our apartment.

My sisters MIL made an awesome diaper cake (she also made the cake, yum!). Nathan and I had fun taking it apart today.

Now comes trying to find a place for everything. I’ll need to get creative. Even though we have more room here, it’s not a big place so adding another persons things will be a small challenge. But if I could do it at our 1 bedroom house, I can do it here! LOL!

I’m ready to get cleaning and get the apartment in order. The nesting bug has hit but I’ve been ingoring it until now in hopes that cleaning and getting ready will make these last 4 weeks go faster, so we’ll see. Next week, we’ll get the travel system out of the box and install the infant seat in the car. I want it in there because one never knows what will happen. She could decide she wants to meet us sooner than the date the doctor set, lol! We still need a dresser for Rebekahs clothes, but for now, I’ve cleared 2 of the drawers in my dresser for the things she’ll be able to wear right away. The rest will be stored in my closet in a box. I need to wash all the second hand and given clothes as well. I don’t want to do the store bought ones yet in case she’s big and doesn’t fit them. I’d like to give myself a couple weeks to do everything, that way the last couple of weeks I can try to relax, and just keep up with daily chores to do.

We’re also gathering things for Darren and Nathan to do while I’m in the hospital. They won’t be with me 24/7, so there will be things for them to do together.

The countdown is on!


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