Saving Money on Baby Detergent

Alot of moms like to use Dreft laundry soap for washing their newborns clothes and blankets. But have you noticed how expensive it is? I spend that price on my huge 100 load regular laundry soap. While I’d love to buy laundry formulated especially for baby clothes and baby’s sensitive skin, I really can’t afford it with all the washing that baby clothes go through. So for awhile, at least until I know if baby has sensitive skin issues,  I use a dye free or hypoallergenic laundry soap. Right now I’m using Ultra Purex Free & Clear Hypoallergenic laundry soap. It works great, I love it! I may just switch us over to using it period. It’s inexpensive whether you buy at Target or Walmart. And the bottle I currently have has 108 loads in it. Can’t beat that for $8.

Just as a disclaimer, I’m in no way affiliated with Purex or being paid to say this about their product. I just really like it!


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