Thrifty Thursday – Make-up

I can’t afford to spend alot of money when it comes to make-up/facial care. So I try to find products that are inexpensive and work really well. Here some products I use and a tip or two . . . .

1. Make-up remover wipes: I really like the idea of a make-up remover wipe. Quit frankly, I’m disgusted at how much I pack on my face, but I digress. I love starting my nighttime routine with a quick swipe over my face. But they can be pricey depending on the brand. My great idea? Baby wipes. They come in as many flavors as make-up remover wipes, as well as ones for sensitive skin. The cost? $2 – $3. You get about 80 wipes. If you use 1 a day, you won’t need to buy more for 80 days. Now compare that to a store brand wipe (I compare to Up & Up from Target), costing around $5 or so for 30 wipes. What a savings! Want to know something else? They work better than any make-up remover wipe I’ve ever tired. Consider giving this try, you may be surprised!

2. Apricot scrub: I love using apricot scrub. I love how shiny and clean my face feels after using it. One day not too long ago, my hands felt really dry and yucky. So I wondered how I could solve that problem. It  hit me. If apricot scrub can be used for dry and dead skin on my face, why couldn’t I use it on my hands. I tried it right away and was amazed at the difference in my hands. You use just a little bit, scrub, rinse, and then use a good hand lotion. Now I use it once a week to exfoliate my hands. For me, this product does double duty, saving me money because I don’t have to go to buy special products for my hands. If you use apricot scrub, you may find this idea helpful.

3. Make-up: High end make-up is out of reach for me. My solution? If I see a high end make-up worth trying, I research a ‘dupe.’ A what? A dupe is a product that works/looks exactly like the higher end/more pricey product. For example, Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation is a dupe for Mac Studiofix liquid foundation. The Revlon brand will cost you $10 – $15 depending where you buy, the Mac product is $27. Even at it’s highest price the Revlon will cost you $12 less than the Mac. That’s a couple of iced coffee’s from Starbucks! Also, try looking at Dollar and discount stores for drug store make-up at reduced prices. On recent trip to my local Dollar Tree store, I found an Almay brand mascara that sells for $8 in the drug store.

I’m not trying to offend anyone who prefers high end make-up nor am I bashing or promoting one product over another, everyone has their preference (and budget), and that’s ok. This is just an example of what a little shopping around and some imagination can do if you need to find some ways to save a little money 🙂

Got a thrifty tip for me? Let me know in a comment below.

*FTC – The opinions on the products mentioned are my own, I was not paid or reimbursed in any way.


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