Tuesday Tips – Saving Time

Sometimes it seems like we don’t have enough time in the day. With some simple planning we can save ourselves a few extra precious minutes to spend with our families. Here’s few thing I try to do to save myself some time . . . .

1. Before a day trip, I take care of I can the night before. Then finish the last minutes details before we leave.

2. I always have my diaper bag ready to go. If family or friends needs immediate help, I can pick it up and go.

2. I plan my shopping routes carefully. If I’m going from one to another clear across town, and then to another clear across from there, I’m wasting time, and gas, which is essentially wasting money.

3. If I’m grocery shopping, and will be buying refrigerated items at more than one place, I take a portable ice chest and some cooling packs. I save time by not needing to go home between stores.


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