Thrifty Thursday – Gogurt

If you have kids, then you probably know what Gogurt is. And you if you have kids on the younger side, you probably get asked to buy it every time you’re in the yogurt aisle. The thing is, it’s pricey. And that’s for just the box of 8 tubes. So, how do you solve this problem when you have or are on a budget? Here’s what I do . . . .

I get the Dannon Danimals Coolision. 1 box has 8 double tubes. I cut the tubes apart and get 16 tubes for less than is costs for the box of 8 Gogurt. For about $4 – $5 (depending on sales) I can get 2 boxes of the Dannon and I get 32 tubes. My son gets 1 a day with breakfast and they last the whole month.

If you can afford to buy Gogurt, that’s awesome! But being on a budget afforded me another way of being able to buy tube yogurt for my son for less money, and this works for our family. What works for you?


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