Tuesday Tips – Uh Oh, I Forgot The Baby’s Bottle!

The other day we went to church as usual. But then I realized once we got there that I had forgotten to bring a bottle for my daughter. I knew we would not make it through without one. Because home is 20 minutes away, I had to make  a run to Walmart to buy a bottle. How do I avoid that happening again? At a suggestion from my mom, and it’s simple really (why didn’t I think of that?), is to keep an extra empty bottle in the van. I thought that was a inspired idea. So I figured, why just a bottle? I can think a few more things that would be a good idea to keep handy.  Just in case I get another case of the forgetful’s. This weekend, I’ll be making a small kit to keep in the van with extra’s.  Here’s what I’ll be including.

* 2 diapers and some wipes, rash cream, a bottle, a toy, small first aid kit, and a change of clothes *

Just the basics. No need for anything elaborate. Keeping it small ensures I can tuck it away without needing a ton of space. Did I forget to add something? Leave a comment below and let me know.


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