About Joely

My name is Joely, I’m 41 years old. My family and I reside in California. I’m married to Darren, who hails from England. We have a very active 8 year old, Nathan (4th grade), who is a very curious boy and adores superheroes. My daughter, Rebekah (Kindergarten), is 5 years old and loves sparkles, flowers, and all things Frozen. We started homeschooling Nathan 3 years ago and this year, 2016, will start homeschooling Rebekah. My babies are my world! We also have 1 dog who is the bane of my existence.

I started blogging after I saw a blog from a friend of mine. I had never really read any and was fascinated by the idea of it. So I’ve  been trying my hand at blogging off and on since. I’m still fairly new at this and trying my hand at different things, but I do hope to be great blogger someday! For the blogs I keep up, with see my blogroll.

This blog will deal with a variety of things, from food, to family, to saving money, to my adventures as a homeschooling family. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy reading my blog and find some little bit of humor, fun, and something informative in my posts.

Thanks for visiting!

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