Frugal Friday – School Supplies

The charter school we use has an annex with many resources available to us. Paint, paper, pencils, books we can use along with our main subjects, a library and even media resources. Probably some I’ve forgotten to mention. Even with all those great resources, there are some that aren’t provided or I forget to get what I need when we are on campus for classes. Since the drive in nearly 30 minutes for us, it’s not convenient to drive out there every time I need something.

Enter ‘Dollar Stores!’ I LOVE using my local dollar stores for extra school supplies. Paper, pencils, pens, crayons, paints, construction paper, crafts supplies, you name it, they almost certainly have it. Even a selection of books on varying subjects that can be used on breaks or while traveling during the school year.

The only thing I don’t buy at dollar stores is crayons. I’m just picky. I prefer Crayola.

If you don’t already shop dollar stores, why not give it a try? You’ll be pleasantly surprised the goodies you can find.


Foodie Friday – Salad Dressing

Ranch salad dressing. The most popular of all dressings. This tasty liquid we put on our lettuce or veggies makes them more palatable. My problem? Getting that last bit that sticks to the bottle. Or I have just a little bit of dressing left and I have 3 people to use it for. My solution? I add some milk. Just a tablespoon or so thins it out, makes it stretch further, and helps me get that last elusive bit that sticks to the bottle. I’m also not wasting money or food by throwing away what I can’t get out. Love not being wasteful!

Have an interesting tip for me. I’d love to hear it!

Thrifty Thursday – Craft Supplies

If you have children like I do, then you probably have a stash of craft supplies somewhere for those days when boredom hits, or it’s too hot/cold to play outside. But goodness, it can get expensive. Here’s a tip for you . . .

Try your local dollar stores. My local Dollar Tree has a small section with crafting goodies. While it’s not a big section it has quite a bit. Pipe cleaners, foam letters/board/sheets, googly eyes, pom poms, paint, small craft kits, etc. There are also basic art supplies on the educational isle. Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surpirsed what you can find at dollar stores.

Need some craft idea’s/activities? Check out Vicky’s boards at Pinterest or visit her website Mess for Less. She has loads of great crafts idea’s, activities for sensory play, and fun food for kids.

Have a great craft idea for my kids? Let me know, leave it in a comment below.

Thrifty Thursday – Gogurt

If you have kids, then you probably know what Gogurt is. And you if you have kids on the younger side, you probably get asked to buy it every time you’re in the yogurt aisle. The thing is, it’s pricey. And that’s for just the box of 8 tubes. So, how do you solve this problem when you have or are on a budget? Here’s what I do . . . .

I get the Dannon Danimals Coolision. 1 box has 8 double tubes. I cut the tubes apart and get 16 tubes for less than is costs for the box of 8 Gogurt. For about $4 – $5 (depending on sales) I can get 2 boxes of the Dannon and I get 32 tubes. My son gets 1 a day with breakfast and they last the whole month.

If you can afford to buy Gogurt, that’s awesome! But being on a budget afforded me another way of being able to buy tube yogurt for my son for less money, and this works for our family. What works for you?