Thrifty Thursday – Craft Supplies

If you have children like I do, then you probably have a stash of craft supplies somewhere for those days when boredom hits, or it’s too hot/cold to play outside. But goodness, it can get expensive. Here’s a tip for you . . .

Try your local dollar stores. My local Dollar Tree has a small section with crafting goodies. While it’s not a big section it has quite a bit. Pipe cleaners, foam letters/board/sheets, googly eyes, pom poms, paint, small craft kits, etc. There are also basic art supplies on the educational isle. Give it a try, you may be pleasantly surpirsed what you can find at dollar stores.

Need some craft idea’s/activities? Check out Vicky’s boards at Pinterest or visit her website Mess for Less. She has loads of great crafts idea’s, activities for sensory play, and fun food for kids.

Have a great craft idea for my kids? Let me know, leave it in a comment below.


Thrifty Thursday – Family Entertainment

It’s the weekend. The whole family is home. You don’t want to spend it watching TV and playing video games. The budget is tight. What do you do? How about . . .

1. Going on a picnic.

2. Take a walk together.

3. BBQ ( invite friends or family to join you and have them bring a dish to help keep cost to you low).

4. Go for a bike ride.

5. Do some crafts (places like Lowe’s offer free crafts a couple times a month).

6. Go to your town’s free historic museum.

7. Go on a hike

8. Visit the farmers market (if your town has a weekend one).

9. Take $20 and go to yard sales. Have a contest to see who finds the best deal.

10. Have a backyard relay race (in the summer be sure to add some water in for tons of cool fun).

Most of these activities are free or cost very little, but provide wholesome entertainment the family can enjoy together.