Homeschooling Update

3 years ago we started our homeschooling adventure with our son, Nathan. He went to preschool and kindergarten in public school. Preschool was great! The teachers were amazing and Nathan loved the experience. Kindergarten, was a different story with the teacher, who was uncooperative and hard to work with. Even so, we learned that Nathan was easily distracted. Given all that put together, and the rise in violence at public school, we decided to start homeschooling.

We chose an online public school called Connections Academy. The school itself is great! Wonderful staff and teachers, regular field trips, and beautiful curriculum. But, the amount of time spent daily as well as how much they wanted us to do every day, was way too much for both us. We ended our school day highly stressed and volatile. If we got sick, we would get WAY behind and it was so hard to catch up that by the end of the school year we were so stressed. We used them for 2 years before I decided we needed a change.

Enter the Charter school. Last school year, for 3rd grade, we changed to a local charter school, Hickman Charter. Like Connections, everything is provided for us, but with this school we got several choices in every subject, plus most of what need as far as supplies as well. Classes 1 to 2 times weekly as well as other functions on campus monthly for STEM, history, and social studies. We LOVED it! The focus is on quality over quantity, and even when we got behind, it was easy to catch up. The teachers are great, the resources are great, and the whole experience has been great!

So this year, we’ll be adding my daughter into our homeschooling adventures using the Hickman Charter. She’s starting Kindergarten and I’m so nervous! We started homeschooling Nathan in first grade, so he already had his start in learning to read. Rebekah hasn’t, and so I’m starting at the beginning of her learning to read. I’m up for the challenge! We pick up our curriculum this week and I can start planning the first few weeks of schooling.

I’m excited to see what the coming school year has in store in the way of challenges and how we successfully meet them as a family.