Menu Monday ūüćĹ

Meal planning can be a daunting task, especially if you’re new at it. I’m by no means an expert in it, but I do know what works for me. Here are some of my tips for meal planning.

  1. Shop your pantry first. See what you already have on hand to plan meals with. Plan what you can with it, and then start filling in the gaps.
  2. Pinterest is your friend.¬†If you haven’t already, sign up for Pinterest. There are so many recipes to choose from you could probably go the whole year and never repeat a recipe.
  3. Choose recipes with foods and ingredients you already use and keep on hand.¬†Not only does this reduce the stress of meal planning, it’s money saving too. The more new ingredients you need to buy, the higher your grocery bill will be. Keep it limited to the things you already use. Though I admit, I do like trying new things, so I’ll look for recipes that have only 1 or 2 ingredients I don’t normally use. Sometimes I like the new ingredients enough to make it/them a regular.
  4. Keep a binder with your favorite recipes.  Keep your favorite recipes in a binder and before long, meal planning will be as simple as choosing what recipes you want to use.
  5. Don’t stress!¬†If it’s too overwhelming to plan 1 month at time for you, do 1 or 2 weeks instead and work up from there. Or maybe you only have the time to plan 1 or 2 weeks. Great! Don’t stress over it. Meal planning is so helpful, but not if it causes you stress.

I’m always looking for new ways to improve my meal planning. If you have a tip, I’d love to see it. Leave a comment for me below.


Thrifty Thursday – Tips for Meal Planning

One of the best ways to save money on food is to meal plan. For myself, if I have a meal plan I most likely will stick to it . When I do my meal plan, I consider what recipes I want to use that month (because I do one big shop once monthly) and plan accordingly. How do I choose my recipes?

I use recipes for the foods I already prefer to keep stocked in my fridge and pantry. If I have to go out and buy all new¬†ingredients, it¬†defeats¬†my purpose of saving money on my grocery budget. ¬†Buying one or 2 ingredients is ok by me, but only if it’s not expensive to begin with, and usually, I find that I¬†like¬†the ingredient enough to keep it stocked regularly. When I want to find a new recipe, I use Google. I type what kind of¬†recipe I want to find, or what¬†ingredients¬†I want to use, and voila! I have my pick of recipes.

Also, when planning your meals, take a look at what you still have in your fridge and pantry and plan around using those ingredients.

Keep a binder with your family’s favorite recipes in it for easy¬†reference¬†while meal planning.

I love meal planning and am always on the look out for new tips myself. Do you have¬†a great tip¬†to share? Please leave it in the comment¬†section¬†ūüôā